Centaur Group Inc. is a global management consulting firm specializing in international business risk assessment and mitigation. Our consultants are subject matter experts with experience in the international business, academic, government and non-government communities. Centaur Group’s experienced operators bring with them not only the practical skills, but also the business acumen, cultural awareness, and broader understanding of the political and socio-economic factors that are keys to success for today’s global businesses. Our objective is to develop training and services enabling firms to deter and avoid a threat – before an event occurs. We work closely with our clients and their staff to minimize risk to individuals and entities through risk assessments, education, and training awareness programs.


Centaur Group provides clients with expert, cost-effective risk management solutions that are tailored to their specific business environment. We empower firms to protect themselves by providing training and services that help expose security weaknesses, minimize risk, deter threats, and ensure proper personal and organizational crisis response. 


In today’s dynamic global environment, threats to international companies and their ability to conduct effective business take on many guises. Whether in the form of civil unrest, hostile labor unions, competitive espionage, or outright terrorism, firms cannot take it for granted that they will not be targeted. Rather than focus solely on a company’s response to a crisis, Centaur Group’s services are designed to provide customers the tools to identify and avoid the risk beforehand, and minimize the organization’s attractiveness as a target. By planning ahead for these and other contingencies firms can take preventive measures to protect their most valuable assets – and ultimately their bottom line.

  • Political Risk Assessments
  • Security/Risk Assessments
  • Threat Assessments
  • Crisis Management Planning and Response
  • Community Liaison/Partnership
  • Business Intelligence  
  • Individual Terrorism/Threat Awareness
  • Hostile Government Detention/Terrorist Hostage Survival
  • Terrorist Surveillance Awareness Training
  • Conflict Resolution/mediation  
  • Employee Security Training & Awareness programs  

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